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There is, There are, and More

Watch the video to learn how to use these forms correctly.

There is, There are, and more

In English, "there is" and "there are" are two commonly used phrases to indicate the existence of something. "There is" is used with singular nouns, while "there are" is used with plural nouns. For example, "There is a book on the table" indicates the existence of one book, while "There are books on the table" indicates the existence of multiple books. These phrases are often used to introduce a topic or to describe a scene. They can also be used to answer questions, such as "Is there a doctor in the room?" or "Are there any vegetarian options on the menu?" Overall, "there is" and "there are" are useful phrases for indicating the existence of people, objects, or ideas, and are an important part of building basic English sentences.

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