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Agree, Agree on, Agree to, Agree that

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Agree, Agree on , Agree to, Agree that

English collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together. The verb "agree" is frequently used in collocations in English. For example, we often say "I completely agree" or "I totally agree" when we want to express strong agreement with someone. Another common collocation with "agree" is "to agree on" which means to come to a mutual understanding or decision with someone. We might say "We need to agree on a time to meet" or "We finally agreed on a restaurant for dinner." Additionally, we can use "agree with" to show that we support or approve of something. For instance, "I agree with your decision to pursue a new job." Finally, we can use "agree to" when we want to show that we have accepted a proposal or offer. For example, "I agreed to help with the project." Overall, using these collocations with "agree" can help us communicate more effectively in English.

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