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Avoid vs. Prevent

Watch the video to learn how to say this correctly.

Avoid vs. Prevent

"Avoid" and "prevent" are similar in meaning, but there is a slight distinction between the two.

When we say "avoid," it means to keep away from, to stay clear of something, or to take action in order to not encounter a particular situation or outcome. For example, if you want to avoid getting caught in traffic, you might choose to leave earlier or take an alternate route.

On the other hand, "prevent" suggests taking proactive measures to stop something from happening or to hinder its occurrence. Preventing involves taking actions or implementing strategies to hinder or eliminate a potential problem. For instance, wearing a seatbelt while driving helps prevent injuries in case of an accident.

In summary, avoiding implies taking measures to stay away from something undesired, while preventing involves actively taking steps to stop or hinder the occurrence of something.

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