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Comprise, Be Comprised of

"Comprise" and "be comprised of" are phrases that refer to the inclusion or composition of something. When we say that one thing comprises another, we are indicating that the first thing includes or consists of the second thing. In this context, "comprise" acts as a verb.

For example, if we say, "The cake comprises flour, sugar, eggs, and butter," we mean that the cake is made up of or includes those ingredients. Here, "comprises" shows the components or parts that make up the cake.

On the other hand, when we say that something "is comprised of" certain elements, we are stating what those elements are and how they come together to form that thing. In this case, "is comprised of" acts as a passive construction.

For instance, we could say, "The committee is comprised of five members," indicating that there are five members who form the committee. Here, "is comprised of" highlights the composition or makeup of the committee.

It's important to note that "comprise" is usually followed by a list of elements or the whole, while "be comprised of" is typically followed by the components or parts that make up the whole.

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