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Phrasal Verbs with Come

Watch the video to learn how to say this correctly.

Phrasal Verbs with Come

Here are some common phrasal verbs with "come":

"Come up with": To think of or produce an idea or solution. For example, "I need to come up with a plan to finish this project on time."
"Come across": To be perceived in a certain way or to make a particular impression. For example, "She comes across as very confident in her public speaking."
"Come into": To inherit or receive something from someone, usually as part of a will or inheritance. For example, "He came into a large sum of money after his grandfather passed away."
"Come over": To come visit someone's house or location. For example, "We're having a BBQ tonight, would you like to come over?"
"Come out": To be revealed or made public. For example, "The truth finally came out about what really happened." I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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