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Thanks, etc.

Watch the video to learn how to say this correctly.

Thanks, etc.

The phrases "thanks," "thanks for," and "thanks to" all express gratitude, but they are used in slightly different contexts:

"Thanks": This is a simple expression of gratitude that can be used on its own. For example, if someone does something kind for you, you might say "Thanks" to show your appreciation.

"Thanks for": This phrase is used to express gratitude for a specific action or thing. For example, you might say "Thanks for helping me with my homework" or "Thanks for the wonderful gift."

"Thanks to": This phrase is used when you want to acknowledge someone or something that enabled a positive outcome or played a pivotal role in a situation. For example, you might say "Thanks to my friend's support, I was able to achieve my goals" or "Thanks to the good weather, we had a great picnic."

So, the differences lie in whether the gratitude is expressed generally ("thanks"), specifically ("thanks for"), or attributing the gratitude to someone or something ("thanks to").

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