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Classroom Items

Classroom Items

Look at the picture

Look at the picture. Today we'll talk about items you see and use in the classroom.

Listen and Pronounce

Listen to the following words and repeat them while looking at the pictures.

Classroom Items

(Click on the link to see the pictures and say the words.)


How many of these items (from the pictures above) do you know?

Look around your classroom. Which items do you see?

How many of these things do you use every day?

Which ones does your teacher use most often?

What items do you carry in your book bag?

Learning and Practice Instructions

Talk with your tutor about this topic.

Use the expressions and vocabulary you learned.

Use the related resources below to learn more.

Practice these phrases with your tutor.

Speaking Instructions

Talk with your tutor about classroom items.

Hold up an item and ask your partner to tell you what it is.

Describe an object to your partner and have him/her guess what it is.

Tell where each item is located in the room.

Keep Learning

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