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Daily Idioms Lessons

Head to the Beach


When someone asks you if you want to head somewhere, they are asking you if you want to go somewhere. It’s kind of a weird thing about our language, one of our idioms. I am so happy that we happened to have this conversation during Head Week because it fits perfectly into our theme! Let’s attack this lesson, head on!


Sara: Hey. I was thinking of heading to the beach this weekend. Do you wanna go?

Steph: Oh. That sounds like fun! Which beach do you wanna head to?

Sara: I was thinking maybe, um, Seaside.

Steph: That would be cool. I like it there!

Sara: Yeah. They have really cool games and stuff that we could play. And we could play volleyball on the beach, and.

Steph: Yeah. That would be fun. Don’t they have a carousel there?

Sara: I think so. Yeah. I think we could probably ride the carousel.

Steph: Ooh, can we eat cotton candy, too?

Sara: Totally. We can eat hot dogs and cotton candy and caramel apples and popcorn. It’ll be great!

Steph: Ooh ooh. What about elephant ears?

Sara: Yeah. We can definitely have elephant ears.

Steph: Totally. I’m there.

Sara: And this weekend’s supposed to be really nice, so it’s a perfect weekend to head for the beach!

Steph: All right!

Sara: Cool.

Steph: Let’s check it out.


Yeah. I totally love heading to the beach on the weekend. My friend used to call me up and ask if I wanted to go to the coast spontaneously. Because Portland is really close to the beach, we could get there and back in one day. My favorite things to do at the coast are walk on the beach, eat clam chowder and collect seashells. What do you like to do at the beach?


  1. Where does Sara want to go?

    • to the mall

    • to the beach

    • home

  2. When does she want to go there?

    • now

    • tomorrow

    • this weekend

  3. Which game does she want to play?

    • volleyball

    • baseball

    • basketball

  4. What does Steph want to eat?

    • popcorn

    • caramel apples

    • cotton candy

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