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House and Home

House and Home

Look at the picture.

Read the questions.

Think about the topic.

Look at these pictures

Home and Furniture

(Click on pictures to hear pronunciation.)

See also: House/Apartment

Describe the house or apartment where you are now living.

How many rooms does it have? How big is it? How many people live there?

Describe your (bed)room. Is it large or small? Clean or messy?

Tell where things are located in your room. Use “there is/are…” and prepositions.


Pretend you left an important book in your room.

Call your “mother” (your partner) on the telephone.

Tell your mother where to find the book in your room.

Pretend you and your partner are going to buy a house together.

Design the house, discussing each room and how it will look.

Pretend you are moving into a new house today.Your partner works for the moving company.Tell him/her where to put each piece of furniture.

For More Practice

Here are some phrases to use when talking about location:

Talking about Location

Describing a Picture

(Click for audio.)

Draw a floor plan of your house. Describe each room.

Tell where furniture, appliances, and other things are located.

Keep Learning

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