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Make Better Food Choices

Make Better Food Choices

Look at the picture.

Read the questions.

Think about the topic.

Pre-Listening Questions

In your country, is it popular to cook and eat outside during the summer months?

What types of food you like to eat at a barbecue* (BBQ)?

How can you eat healthier at a barbecue?

*Note: You will sometimes see this word spelled barbeque.

Comprehension Questions

1. Hot dogs and hamburgers can be replaced with

a. veggie birds

b. grilled chicken

c. buttered corn

2. The speaker recommends treating alcoholic drinks as

a. dangerous

b. dessert

c. delicious

3. If you like sweet foods, the speaker recommends

a. water, melons, and blueberries

b. watermelon, berries and citrus fruits

c. raspberries, cantaloupe and citrus fruits

d. all of the above

4. When you put on your bathing suit, you will be grateful

a. that you ate at a barbecue

b. that you look controlled and at ease

c. that you took control of your food choices

5. The main idea of this article is

a. Barbecues are a healthy way to eat during the summer.

b. What you eat at a barbecue can affect your health and weight.

c. You should only have certain types of drinks at a barbecue.

(Answers at the bottom of the page.)

Read and Pronounce

Read the text aloud to your tutor. Your tutor will listen and provide you with feedback.

Your tutor will listen and offer correction on your pronunciation.

“Barbeques are a popular warm weather activity, but the traditional foods can wreak havoc on your waistline. Every once in a while is fine, but most barbeque friendly fare should be avoided. Here are the top barbeque foods you should avoid and what you can replace them with for a healthier meal.”

To see the entire transcript, click here.


Practice with your Tutor

Talk with your tutor about this topic.

Use the expressions and vocabulary you learned.

Use the related resources below to learn more.

Discuss Talking Points

Do people in your country like to eat outside?

What do they typically eat at barbecues?

How is it different from the food at an American style barbecue?

Why do you think people make “unhealthy” choices at barbecues?

Do you think (most) people care about their weight when eating outside?

Role play with your tutor.

Pretend you are your tutor’s doctor.  What recommendations will you give him / her about eating healthy foods?

Plan a barbecue with your tutor.  What items will you need to prepare?  (Food and other things).  When and where will the event take place?  Who will you invite?

Ask your tutor questions.

Talk to your tutor about your language learning progress.

(Answers:  B, B, B, C, B)

Keep Learning

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