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Talking about Transportation

Preliminary Questions

  • How do you usually get to work or school?

  • How do people in your country get to where they want to go?

  • Do you often take public transportation?

  • What is your preferred means of getting around?

  • What kind of vehicle would you like to drive?

  • What type of transportation do you use when you are in a hurry?

  • How do you travel when you go on vacation?

Vocabulary: Transportation

Talking about Travel

  • How do you get to work?

    • I usually drive my car.

  • How long does it take?

    • It takes half an hour.

  • How often do you ride the bus?

    • Once in a while.

  • Do you ever walk to work?

    • No, that would take forever.

  • Are you going anywhere this summer?

    • Probably to Jacksonville.

  • How are you going to get there? Why don’t you fly?

    • By train.

    • Airplane tickets are too expensive.

Read the text aloud to your tutor. Your tutor will listen and provide you with feedback.

Talk to your tutor about transportation

See some sample sentences below.

How do you (usually) get to work/school?

I usually take the subway.

How long does it take (to get there)?

It takes about ______ minutes/hours.

What’s the best way to get to _____?

By train / bus.

Do you take public transportation?

No, I walk or ride my bike.

For More Practice

Tell your partner about the types of transportation you use in a typical week.

Ask your partner how to get to a famous place in the city/town where you live.

(What type of transportation is best?)

Pretend you are a travel agent.

Try to sell your partner a bus/train/airplane ticket to a popular destination.

Surprising Question

Besides walking, what is the most frequently used method of transportation in the world?

(Answer: elevators)

Talk with your tutor about this topic.

Use the expressions and vocabulary you learned.

Use the related resources below to learn more.

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