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Turn Passion Into Career

Turn Your Passion into a Career

Pre-Listening Questions

What is something you are really passionate about?

Do you think you can make this activity into a money-making career?

What are the steps to accomplishing your career goals?

How can you best plan for and achieve success?

How will your life be different in your “dream job”?

Vocabulary Words and Expressions

Turn it around

 At that

Pave(s) the way

The art scene

Bring to the table

Figure out

Watch the Video Here

Turn Your Passion into a Career

Check Your Comprehension

1. Why is finding your passion first and foremost in this process?

It prepares you for other steps.

It can be very difficult.

It answers your questions.

2. The speaker advises about the types of jobs which________________.

Involve creative fashion.

Value your passion.

Change your industry.

3. Why is “meeting others” important?

It is necessary to bring them to the table.

It will likely network your neighborhood.

It can bring you closer to your dream job.

4. The “starving artist route” is an example of

Being realistic about lifestyle

Stretching your money

Establishing artsy products

5. The main idea of this article is

Be pro-active in following your career dreams.

Be careful about making poor career choices.

Be realistic about jobs that don’t pay much money.

(Answers at the bottom of the page.)

Read and Pronounce

Your tutor will listen and offer correction on your pronunciation.

“Are you currently in a job and working hard for something you really don’t care about?

Well, we have some steps for you on how to turn it around and really turn what you are passionate about into a career, a successful one at that.”

To see the entire transcript, click here. Source:

Read the text aloud to your tutor.

Your tutor will listen and provide you with feedback.  

Practice with your Tutor

Talk with your tutor about this topic.

Use the expressions and vocabulary you learned.

Use the related resources below to learn more.

Discuss Talking Points

Do you enjoy your present occupation?

Why or why not?

What would make a job more enjoyable?

How do you think you can turn your interests or hobbies into a career?

Role Play with your Tutor or Partner

Pretend you are your tutor’s advisor.  

What recommendations will you give him / her about changing careers to something he/she enjoys more?

Plan the next steps you need to take to enhance your career.  

What items will you focus on?   When will you need to take action?  

Who will be able to help you?

Talk to your tutor about your career goals and progress.

Ask your questions for advice.

(Answers:  A, B, C, A, A)

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