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Unusual Pets

Unusual Pets

Look at the Pictures of Various Pets and Farm Animals 

Practice pronunciation. Your tutor will listen and correct your mistakes.

Suggested words: Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals

Watch the Video


Tell your partner what you see.

What kind of animal is this? (Read more about tayras at

Would you like to have this type of animal as a pet?

What do you think it eats?

Where do you think this animal lives? (What kind of climate, country?)

What’s your opinion: Is it a good idea to keep wild animals as pets?

Speaking Practice

1. Tell your partner about a favorite pet.

When did you get the pet?

How old were you at the time?

Were your parents/family happy with the pet?

How did you take care of the animal?

Do you still have the pet?

2. Ask your partner about his/her favorite animal.

Talk with your tutor about this topic.

Use the expressions and vocabulary you learned.

Use the related resources below to learn more.

More Practice

Role Play

3. Ask your partner to help you choose a pet for your son/daughter.

4. Pretend it is your partner’s birthday.

Present him/her with a puppy as a gift.

5. Your dog/cat damaged your partner’s furniture.

What do you say to your partner?

Keep Learning

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